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St. Pete Beach Community Update

April 13, 2021 -  Join us at 6:00pm for our City Commission Meeting.

TO PARTICIPATE: Join us at the commission chambers at 6pm, or email audience comments to prior to 5:45pm day of the meeting.

See the agenda for the meeting here.

See the full packet for the meeting here.

VIEW: Facebook Live or on

See Ava in Horan Park on Saturday, April 17th and Learn About Right Whales!

This is Ava, a North Atlantic right whale. She represents a critically endangered species of whales which are in peril of extinction with fewer than 400 animals left in the wild. These magnificent whales swim down from the North Atlantic waters down to the southeastern coasts of Georgia and Florida to give birth to their calves every year, but they face many dangers from humans, including vessel strikes and entanglement in fishing gear.  

Thank you Clearwater Marine Aquarium for bringing Ava to our community!

The City of St. Pete Beach is now using See Click Fix for residents to submit issues to the city.  See full details HERE.

Sewer Project Update

The north end of the sewer project is estimated to be completed by mid-April 2021.

The southern end of the project is estimated to begin by April 19th, 2021.  This portion is located on Gulf Blvd. and will create road closures and increase in traffic delays in the area.


The first construction zone will be from the 37th Avenue to 44th Avenue area.  The second construction zone will be from 44th Avenue to 52nd Avenue. The third construction zone will be from 52nd Avenue to 55th Avenue. We will experience traffic congestion and delays while traveling on Gulf Blvd.

Each portion of this construction will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

water conservation

Introducing Misty, our resident water expert here in St. Pete Beach.

While we are surrounded by water, Misty knows we have to conserve as much of this precious resource as we can.

Misty wants to know what you think about creating specific days our community should water their yard to conserve and help keep our lawns beautiful!

Let us know by taking the survey here:

St. Pete Beach Public Library News

Mayor Johnson Open House

Parking & Transportation in St. Pete Beach


Our Freebee shuttle service is available from 46th Ave. all the way to the end of Gulf Way. Freebee service can be requested by using the convenient app, or by calling 727-364-9466. Operating hours are Sunday through Saturday from 6 am until midnight. 
See full details HERE.
As part of the city’s initiative to transfer over to a cashless parking system, the pay stations will no longer accept coin payments. Only credit cards will be accepted.
As we continue to focus on being eco-friendly and reducing waste, paper receipts will no longer be available. One can request for an email receipt or no receipt.
Receipts do not need to be displayed as payment is indicated by the parking space number, not a paper receipt.

City of St. Pete Beach Events

Wondering what is happening in St. Pete Beach?  Add this website to your favorites and stay in the know!

April 8th, 2021 Video Update from Mayor Al Johnson

Topics include:
April 8th, 2021- Community Update with Mayor Alan Johnson.
Topics Include:
Covid-19 Update
Construction News-
-Sewer Project Update
-1st Ave Pier
-Merry Pier
-Library Parking Lot
Budget Workshop April 29th
Mayors Open House Monday
Friday night Concert
Community Yard Sale

Legislative News

As mentioned in Mayor Johnson's previous weekly video update, below you'll find the links to the details around bills currently being reviewed in Tallahassee. 

Either bill is preempting any regulation by the local government to the state.  We lose control of the character of our neighborhoods and the nature of our City.

Please review this information and contact the representatives and elected officials with your opinions on the matter.

This bill prempts the local regulation of vacation rentals to the state, undoes any local regulations since 2014 and makes all restrictions apply to all residential properties.



Vacation Rentals: Requires advertising platforms to collect & remit specified taxes imposed for certain transactions; preempts regulation of vacation rentals to state; prohibits local law, ordinance, or regulation from allowing or requiring inspections or licensing of public lodging establishments, including vacation rentals, or public food service establishments; requires licenses issued by ...

Authorizes any home-based business to operate in a residential area, prohibits local government from licensure and regulation.

SB 266: Home-based Businesses. GENERAL BILL by Perry Home-based Businesses; Providing legislative findings and intent; specifying conditions under which a business is considered a home-based business; authorizing a home-based business to operate in a residential zone under certain circumstances; preempting to the state the ability to regulate or license home-based businesses; prohibiting a ...



Home-based Businesses: Specifies conditions under which business is considered home-based business; authorizes home-based business to operate in residential zone; prohibits local government from certain actions relating to licensure & regulation of home-based business; authorizes specified business owners to challenge certain local government actions; authorizes prevailing party to recover ...

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Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  

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Public Information Officer

City of St. Pete Beach


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