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St. Pete Beach Community Update

January 26th, 2021 -  Join us at 4:00pm for a special commission meeting & 6:00pm for the City Commission Meeting.

TO PARTICIPATE: Join us at the commission chambers at 4pm or 6pm, or email audience comments to prior to 5:45pm day of the meeting.

Find the agenda for the 4:00pm special meeting HERE, and find the packet HERE.

Find the agenda for the 6:00pm meeting HERE, and find the packet HERE.

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Have You Seen Coyotes?

Coyote Sighting

There have been several coyote sightings in the community.
-Coyotes are amazingly adaptable and can survive in nearly any habitat.
-Providing easy meals for them, eliminates their natural fear of humans and increases their population. Keep wildlife wild!
-Never leave pet food or trash outside where it will attract wildlife.
-Avoid walking dogs during dawn or dusk hours, which are coyotes’ normal feeding times. Avoid using a retractable leash. Coyotes will notice a dog walked frequently on an extended leash. The coyote will come back, grab the dog, and leave the owner holding an empty leash. When walking a pet, carry a stick, whistle or air horn.
More information can be found HERE.
Photo Credit: SPB Fire Chief James Kilpatrick

City of St. Pete Beach Events

Wondering what is happening in St. Pete Beach?  Add this website to your favorites and stay in the know!

Spring Concert Series is Back!

We're excited to announce our NEW Spring Concert Series! Tickets are limited, for more information or to purchase tickets please visit the website by clicking HERE.

Construction and Beach Projects

Due to an equipment malfunction at a County reclaimed water booster station, customers in St Pete Beach and Tierra Verde areas may experience low pressure in the reclaimed water distribution system over the next few months. Pinellas County Utilities’ staff is working to place equipment back online as soon as possible as well as make system adjustments to deliver the best possible pressure during this time. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Should you have any questions, please contact customer service at (727) 464-4000.

Sanitary Sewer Force Main Installation - Week of January 11, 2021. The City of St Pete Beach began construction of the new sanitary sewer force main on Boca Ciega Drive during the week of January 11, 2021. This portion of the work is expected to take a few weeks to complete. During this time traffic detours may be in place, which may result in delays and some inconvenience from time to time. Please exercise caution and patience.

There are additional updates included in Mayor Johnson's Video update below.

2021 Parking Passes for Residents of St. Pete Beach


The 2021 parking passes are now available.

Passes can be pre-ordered through the online application located at

Please note: 2021 parking passes will be given a grace period through January.

St. Pete Beach Public Library News

How to Make History

A collaborative effort between the St. Pete Beach Public Library, the University of South Florida and the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum to digitize local history was undertaken by Dr. Catherine Wilkins through the USF Honors College’s course How to Make History for the Spring Semester in 2018. Subsequent semesters have added to the body of work, some of which can be seen here: A history of animal-based tourist attractions: Learning can be fun!

Come check outone of our Take & Make Kitsfour different bins contain all that’s needed for activities on the themes of Art, Engineering, Coding, or Upcycling. Geared toward grades 3-5, they offer an engaging, hands-on way to learn at home.

January 13th, 2021 Video Update from Mayor Al Johnson

Mayor Johnson Weekly Update

Topics include:
-COVID-19 Updates
-Upham Beach Paving Project
-Egan Park Dock
-Pass-a-Grille Way Turtle Friendly Lighting 
-Gulf Blvd.
-Sunrunner Project (75th & Boca Ciega)
-1st Ave Pier - Pass-a-Grille
-Vice Mayor Doug Izzo Resignation

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.  

Sarah Laracuente

Public Information Officer

City of St. Pete Beach


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